SEO vs. PPC Marketing

SEO vs. PPC Marketing

You can boost the traffic of your site through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization is a strategic approach to online marketing whereas PPC is tactical and fast response mechanism of marketing. SEO make a website to achieve high rankings on search engine result pages for given keywords. On the other hand, PPC is an approach in which marketer bids on keywords associated with the advertisement in order to achieve a higher position on search engine result pages. These two approaches to marketing can boost traffic on your website, but these approaches are entirely different from each other. This article by covering all the important aspects of SEO and PPC Marketing will answer two most significant questions that what are the differences between these two approaches and which is best for your business? The main difference between these two approaches of marketing are as follows:


Cost is the main source of difference between SEO and PPC. Traffic coming from SEO is free while traffic generated from PPC is not free. In the case of SEO, you are required to gain SEO expertise to get free traffic from search engines.Indirect cost is involved in SEO. In the case of SEO, marketers are not required to pay for the first page, but they have to pay for SEO services if the SEO expert is missing. There is the high intensity of competition on keywords in search engine optimization. On the other hand, in PPC marketing you are required to pay when people click on your add. Marketers can make the use of google keywords to calculate how much they can pay. In other words, it can be said that there is an ongoing cost per click or visitor. In order to receive more traffic, you have to keep a greater budget.

Potential Traffic

It is really hard to figure out which method can bring more traffic to your website. SEO can generate more traffic than PPC. By managing the ranking of the site with respect to keywords, you would be able to gain much more traffic than paying for those keywords. In SEO marketing by achieving one of the top five positions you would be able to gain continuous flow of traffic without paying anything. In terms of potential traffic and cost of first page positions for SEO and PPC, organic traffic is better. Organic traffic is continuous as long as the website is in top five rankings.


Visitors coming from PPC and visitors coming from SEO both are convertible, but the visitor is coming from which method is more likely to convert is hard. PPC convert visitors more easily and quickly through highly targeted and optimized ads. Web pages are ranked for keywords in PPC, and the search visitors are not looking for the content. A successful PPC campaign can result in more clicks from visitors who are 100% interested in content and product being offered by the marketers. In simple terms, we can say that SEO traffic is better than any other forms of traffic, but when it comes to conversions, SEO and PPC are generating equal conversions.

Consistent and Immediate Results

SEO is the best marketing approach to generate traffic on your website in the long run. It is suitable when consistent results are desired. Once your site successfully gets the top position, you would be able to enjoy sustained traffic. Successful SEO campaign can help you to reap long-term benefits and stay on the top for the more extended time period. PPC is suitable for generating immediate results. This marketing approach delivers results in less time. In the case of PPC, the traffic is also instantaneous.

Bottom Line

SEO and PPC both are most significant part of the internet marketing campaign. The need and budget decide which approach is better for generating traffic. Pay-per-click is suitable when immediate results are required. When highly targeted traffic is sought and when marketers are promoting the time-sensitive offer. On the other hand, SEO marketing is appropriate when consistent results are required. SEO is also the appropriate approach to marketing if you are building an authority site. PPC is best if you want more traffic in less time and willing to pay for it. SEO marketing is the best marketing approach when you want to generate traffic on your website in the long run without any cost. SEO marketing is one the most significant method of marketing which can significantly contribute to increasing the value of your site.

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