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Why is my blog a DoFollow blog

Why is my blog a DoFollow blog? Well I personally believe that quality comments on a blog are as much important as good blog posts. If a blogger has a live commenting community it is much more interesting to read with all the readers opinions than just the personal opinion from the author of the post.

There are a lot of people who say that if you leave the comments as dofollow that you get a lot of spam comments. The spammers usually don’t take the time to find out if your blog is a dofollow or not. They just spam across every blog they find. I had the same amount of spam before as I have now, so there is no big difference. Off course you have to filter the comments and remove the no-quality and spam comments. Furthermore it is wise to look at what the link is pointing. If it links to spam blog with zero quality or inappropriate content than you also don’t want to link to them. But you have to do this also when you have the nofollow attribute so this is not a drawback.

Others say “If I link out with dofollow, I loose my link juice”. This is true in some way, but only a proportion of that juice is going out with external links, and in most cases you get the link back if you comment on the commentator blog, so you get even more juice in the end.

Let me explain something; if you have a blog with 100 posts and each of the posts would have exactly 100 links going in and 100 links going out. So this blog has 10000 incoming links. You can imagine that that blog would be a top hit in Google. So why are you than so afraid of sharing the link juice with dofollow links. We all profit from it.

So I invite everyone to leave a comment on my blog. If it is a comment that contributes to the conversation and is not linking to a garbage blog I will approve it. And please feel free to share your thoughts about this topic also. If you are a nofollow blogger, please share your experience with us and we will all learn something.


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  1. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for visiting my site and letting me know that your dofollow. Not sure ig you know about Gail Gardner at Growmap, but she has a dofollow blog list that Im sure she’d be happy to add you too, let her know.
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  2. By the way many I suggest you add a “subscribe to comments” plugin, it really helps with comment conversation and people returning to your site.
    JR @ Internet Marketing recently posted..Best Converting Affiliate Programs

  3. Katrin



    Thanks for the Dofollow Links. I will purchase a Site Template for my New Website from you. Symplicity CV rocks!

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