Hi my name is Ales and I am the founder of 7loops blog. I am a family man, father, entrepreneur, growth hacker and a general digital enthusiast. I live and work in London as an IT consultant and I also share some of my findings here on my blog. This blog started as my personal blog but slowly transformed into me giving advice about Internet marketing, digital currencies and comparing different softwares to write about my personal recommendations.

I question everything and I like to try and test things for myself. I don’t write about things I don’t have any experience with and all my recommendations come from my personal experience.

I share tactics because I am using them. I run experiments because I am running them on my own sites. I write about tools because I have used them.

When I was a kid I loved to play with lego and build stuff from scratch, I never built my lego models based on provided instructions more than once. I always had to build something custom as only this provided me with a positive challenge. I think I preserved much of this mentality til this day.

Feel free to ask me anything about you wondered, no hard feelings.

Best way to contact me is on ales dot maticic at gmail dot com.