How to get your email newsletter out of promotions tab in gmail and land your emails in the primary tab every time

I am working on a project where we send out over 200.000 promotional emails every day. I’ve joined this project after Google introduced the promotion tab in Gmail, so I never experienced how it was before that. I am reading that it was not such a big decrease in open rates as everyone was afraid of. […]

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Working remote – the future of work

With the rise of technology the dynamics of our work changes. 100 years ago almost nobody worked in an office. 10 years ago 70-80% of people worked in an office. Today we have the freedom of working remote. There is almost no job that you can do in an office that you can’t do remote. […]

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Convert email to task

Convert email to task

This post is about a problem I faced recently. Well I didn’t face it recently I just realized what I needed recently. So let us go to the problem now. Have you ever used project management software and had the problem of looking for information about your tasks or projects in your inbox? I mean […]

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Project and task management software

Tasks have to be done in every company. Every employee has certain tasks to do. It is very crucial for every company that these tasks are done within the specified time. If the tasks are not completed, the company has a problem. I am very surprised that a large number of companies don’t use any […]

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How to find JavaScript errors

Are you a webmaster who runs a JavaScriptheavy website? Are you 100% sure you tracked and squashed all JavaScript bugs? If you are not, than just keep reading. Getting all JavaScript to work perfectly across all browsers is extremely challenging and time consuming. It is not possible to test every single page on your site […]

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freedom of time

The 4 hour workday

Is it possible? Well I am a firm believer that we can make all of our 8 hour commitments in 4 hours. This off course does not apply for jobs, where 8 hours is just not enough to do your daily tasks and you have to work like mad and even do some extra hours. […]

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Search Engine Optimization - Magnifying Glass

Why is my blog a DoFollow blog

Why is my blog a DoFollow blog? Well I personally believe that quality comments on a blog are as much important as good blog posts. If a blogger has a live commenting community it is much more interesting to read with all the readers opinions than just the personal opinion from the author of the […]

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My Blog the Project

I have had this blog for a few months now but I haven’t put much work in it. There are only a few posts and that’s it. I have decided to put a little more effort in to this Project and write posts more regularly and try to get some returning readers in a long […]

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How to become a good finisher

As I have already mentioned it in an earlier post, there are plenty of good starters among us but only few good finishers. Why is that so? It is easy to be motivated for something for a short period of time, especially when everything is new and exciting. But it is really hard work to […]

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How to get things done

Almost every person on this planet, has to deal with the problem “how to get things done” on a regular basis. I will not talk about small things like; buy groceries or take out the trash. I will talk about bigger goals that we all have set to ourselves that will make some kind of […]

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