SMS appointment reminders for our daily appointments

My missed dentist appointment Last time I had a dentist appointment and off course I forgot to go, due to my busy daily schedule. I thought to myself would it be really that hard to send me a reminder a day before so I wouldn’t forget it? I found there are many services that provide … Continued

The Most Powerful Method You Can Use In Email Marketing

If you want to use email marketing in your business, then you should find out what works best and way before jumping in with both feet. Everybody wants greater performance and profits from email list marketing, but unfortunately not everyone will have a chance to read this. We do not want to sound like we … Continued

How to create a successful blog and set it up in minutes

If you have read my previous post How to create multiple streams of income you know that a foundation to make passive money online is to have a blog where you can write about things you are really passionate about. Self-hosted WordPress is one of the best platforms to start blogging and also making money. … Continued

Beating Applicant Tracking Systems and getting past resume screeners

Are you sending out numerous job applications and not getting any feedback? You are applying for jobs you know you are more than qualified but still not receiving any feedback? Welcome to the new (well not so new anymore) world of recruiting where resume screening applicant tracking systems are filtering as much as 80% of … Continued

5 simple ways to become a digital nomad today

Have you heard the term digital nomad lately? It is getting quite popular among young people. It is a new way on how to live your life and handle your career. What is a digital nomad? To be a digital nomad means that you are not limited to work from your office or even from … Continued

How to stop procrastinating and get things done now

What is procrastination and why do we do it? Procrastination is that weird foggy state you fall into when you know you have to do something, but you just put it off. You know it’s super important to do it, but you think to yourself “I will just read the news for five minutes to … Continued

Working remote – the future of work

With the rise of technology the dynamics of our work changes. 100 years ago almost nobody worked in an office. 10 years ago 70-80% of people worked in an office. Today we have the freedom of working remote. There is almost no job that you can do in an office that you can’t do remote. … Continued

Convert email to task

This post is about a problem I faced recently. Well I didn’t face it recently I just realized what I needed recently. So let us go to the problem now. Have you ever used project management software and had the problem of looking for information about your tasks or projects in your inbox? I mean … Continued

Project and task management software

Tasks have to be done in every company. Every employee has certain tasks to do. It is very crucial for every company that these tasks are done within the specified time. If the tasks are not completed, the company has a problem. I am very surprised that a large number of companies don’t use any … Continued