Wayback machine downloader service for WordPress

Export WP posts from Archive.org into your WordPress Blog

We are offering a service for downloading lost posts from Wayback machine on Archive.org in bulk. This service is meant for larger amounts of posts, which would be tedious to manually copy from Archive org to your WordPress installation.

Prices start from 100$ to 500$, depends on the number of pages and posts you wish to download.

Unfortunately we cannot offer lower prices as the process is not completely automated and there is a need to manual work, for each website.

What you will receive is a export file, with all your posts, tags, images, categories, which you can easily import into any WordPress installation. If the number of articles is bigger, we will provide multiple files with a portion of articles each, to avoid issues with importing.

Import Articles from Wayback Machine into WP

Import is easily done via a WordPress plugin. We provide guidance and the process is generally safe, but we always advise to backup all your data before importing large number of posts.

Contact us for more details.