MVP product development services for startups – affordable MVP consulting

MVP benefits for startup investors
MVP benefits for startup investors

MVP product development company

We are a MVP product development company based in London. Our team has many years of experience working on different IT projects. We have successfully delivered many products and apps. Weather it is a small proof of concept web app, a flashy mobile app or a full blown system with different interconnected platforms, we do it all.

Our seasoned technical architects worked in IT since the dot com boom and have gathered a wast amount of experience during their years. They know exactly how to solve any technical issue and feel excited and challenged by anything that would be a technical problem for others.

How to build MVP in companies
How to build MVP in companies

MVP Consulting Services

We also provide consulting services to companies who have in house development capabilities but lack the know how of how to deliver a fast and low cost minimum viable product. Many companies have in house technical capabilities but lack the experience in what is needed to deliver am MVP in 3 weeks so you can test your idea as soon as possible. As you can see on the picture above there are different ways on delivering your product and not all are equally good. You should always aim for the smallest possible unit of usable product and test it as soon as possible. Sometimes it is not easy to identify what is a wheel and what is a skateboard and this is where we can hey your startup. We can either help you plan the project, brainstorm on additional features, oversee your in house development process or simply inspect your final product.

What is minimum viable product or MVP?

A minimum viable product has just those core features sufficient to deploy the product, and no more. Developers typically deploy the product to a subset of possible customers—such as early adopters thought to be more forgiving, more likely to give feedback, and able to grasp a product vision from an early prototype or marketing information. This strategy targets avoiding building products that customers do not want and seeks to maximize information about the customer per dollar spent. “The minimum viable product is that version of a new product a team uses to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.” The definition’s use of the words maximum and minimum means it is decidedly not formulaic. It requires judgement to figure out, for any given context, what MVP makes sense. (Source Wikipedia)

Smartphone apps infographics
Smartphone apps infographics with a hand holding a phone with linked circular icons for shopping cloud computing mail wifi analytics speech and route finder or maps

Mobile apps development

Our company provides all types of Mobile development. We can build you a simple responsive web application that works perfectly on any phone or device, create a hybrid mobile app that looks and fells like a native app and off course we provide the best native app development. Almost everyone has a smartphone today and in developing countries smart phones are the only connection to the internet, that’s why it is important to to test your startup idea with an mobile app. Mobile development has this reputation that it is expensive and takes a long time to deliver a final product, that is why we offer different types of mobile apps so that we can cover every need and budget.

Web application development and design
Web application development and design

Web application development services

Web applications are the cornerstone of any online business. Even if your only product is a mobile app, chances are your backoffice is a web application. Even if mobile apps are the future most of work is still performed on a normal computer and web apps are the norm for everything. You simply cannot perform all the tasks needed on a mobile app and that is the reason why most of administration tools are still built as web applications. We have been building web applications, when JavaScript was still something you had to check in the browser if there is support for it. We have a highly skilled team of developers who can develop a cutting edge web app either in Angular or ReacJS, the top performing frameworks for any modern web application.

Beautiful designed apps for startups

You don’t need to hire a specialist design company for your MVP app. We have in house capabilities for every aspect of design. Many companies claim that they provide design services which can be true but most of the companies are not specialised in web design and even less in Mobile design. Our designers are specifically trained for web and mobile design and our final products look and feel professional.

Importance of MVP product testing

Not every idea is a good idea and that is why it is important to test. It is also important to fail fast. Reality is that most ideas are not brilliant and it is crucial that you separate winning ideas from the ones that have no future. Why wait one year to see that people don’t like your latest idea, wouldn’t if you could test 6 ideas in one year? What are the odds that one of your ideas succeeds if you test 6 ideas compared to if you test only one? The service that we provide is focused on fast turn around time and affordable pricing so that every company can focus on their core business while we take care of development their MVP product.