Convert email to task

Convert email to task

This post is about a problem I faced recently. Well I didn’t face it recently I just realized what I needed recently. So let us go to the problem now. Have you ever used project management software and had the problem of looking for information about your tasks or projects in your inbox? I mean you are searching for some information and you can’t find it in your project management software. I know I have. It is always the same story with every task management software I ever tried. It starts great, but after a while, the majority of your business communication is in your inbox, and not in your project management. So what is the point of project management software if you don’t have all the information in one place? I mean sure it’s my fault that I didn’t copy the email stuff into my project info, but wouldn’t be nice if it would be automatic or that the project management software would know that the information is in your email and would show it to you? All you would need is to convert the email to task.

How to convert email to task?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow just convert your email to task, or add it to an existing task and all your email conversation in that thread would be visible under your project? I mean I know I need something like this and I would definitely use it. But the thing is that I haven’t found any software that would do that. At least not in a way I would like it to be. I know Gmail has the option of tasks but they really don’t do a good job. And I don’t know anyone that uses them. And yes there are some apps that integrate with Gmail and can convert email to task, but you need a plugin for your browser. And there are also large email platforms that have that functionality but you have to install, configure and host them by yourself which makes them sort of unavailable for small teams.

I wonder why isn’t something like this already out there? Am I the only one with this problem or what? All I need is task management software that can connect to my email and integrate task management with my emails. It has to be web based with mobile clients and it need to be in the cloud as I don’t want to host it my self. Maybe I am missing something and the solution already exists it’s just that I haven’t found it yet?

I also think that the email itself as a protocol is old and does not provide enough options. I mean every Internet user is using email and yet it is the same from the beginning.


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