Project and task management software

Project and task management software

Tasks have to be done in every company. Every employee has certain tasks to do. It is very crucial for every company that these tasks are done within the specified time. If the tasks are not completed, the company has a problem. I am very surprised that a large number of companies don’t use any sort of project and task management software. It is not just for the employee to know what tasks he has to do, but also for the manager to have an overview of all the tasks / projects, and to see the actual performance of the employees.

There are many project and task management software out there. Many of them are completely free for small businesses. But not be fooled by the price tag, the quality is not necessarily correlated with the price. Usually the older software companies have a lot of customer and can afford to raise the price and the new still have to prove themselves and are often ever completely free.

Yet there are big differences between this apps. Some are more orientated towards large corporation and other are more for personal tasks. So everyone should take some time and examine the competition before they decide for a specific software.

I for myself have lately tried to find project management software that would convert email to task. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could merge your emails that are related to the project with the project info?

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